Federico Bonelli


Federico Bonelli, 伯弗瑞 (bo-fu-rui) (* ) aka fredd, is an independent researcher born in Rome in 1969, and currently lives in Amsterdam (NL). He works as Director and Creative Producer for Media Rich Projects and Film.

[for peer reviewed published papers you can check my research page on Research Gate]


He is into media rich projects since 1997. Now directing the Tasformatorio Laboratory and has founded the Trasformatorio Foundation. His visual work includes all aspects of visual arts, generative and digital art, film, sound and multimedia creative production. As art practitioner he is represented by ETHEREA ART GALLERY in Genova. He is currently an advisor of MAIIIM in the same city and of Rossonove residencies in Alassio.

Long time ago I was a philosophy of science graduate. I transitioned into chaos and dynamical systems due to a knack for computers and a rebellious relationship with my math scores. My philosophical discourse evolves through dialogue and friction. I am influenced by Aikido's lessons in self-awareness, Futurism and Surrealism, the Luther Blissett project and Hakim Bay. I have a strange attraction for technology that has become a long militance in the Free Software and open culture movements.

I practice diverse art forms: theater and sound, radio, games, film, and more "political" forms of art. My artistic pursuits seek for poetry in technology and cherish improvisation. I curate encounters and craft situations. I am driven by a belief that art can be a transformative force conjured into existence and accessible to everyone.

My approach values encounters, scripted or spontaneous. I therefore value observation. Sometimes silence plays a significant role to allow space for emotions to flow. Poetry, for me, involves transforming new, tech-centered words, into emotionally charged expressions, sometimes birthing prototypes for novel art forms. I stand in nature, attempt arts in off the grid and natural contexts, travel and conceptualize for my own and fellow artist's projects. I love to contribute in developing talent.

My vision for 21st-century art advocates transformation over static representation, relation over production. An artwork, a transformer, must evolve freely to impact and reflect its surroundings. In this dynamic relationship, observer, artwork, and creator intention are allowed to merge. Chaos as such is a teacher.

Above all, I'm a human — an amalgamation of suffering, observing, learning, and enjoying. My processes, like shared journeys, are documented, transformed, fade into stories that can be told by others, modified and appropriated or forgotten. Released appropriately, an artwork becomes a chance encounter, a shared experience, avoiding the fate of a ghostly piece of ego and allowing unpredictable meanings to happen.

(*) My Chinese name has been given during brief but intense relations with Taiwan's Chinese speaking communities, and I own it to the Taiwanese curator Lai Hsiao-Ying. So far I need some more years of practice before I will manage to credibly respond to someone that calls my Chinese name. Is a tool for connecting with the east, not intended as cultural appropriation. Thank you for your understanding.